Mothers Day Gifts - What Men Should Avoid Doing

By | Submitted On March 18, 2011

Men have finally realized that they should be doing more than just funding the Mothers Day gifts the kids get. More and more men now buy gifts for their wives on Mother's day and while that's a healthy trend, what's alarming is that they shop for Mother's day gifts the same way they shop for birthday gifts. Needless to say, men have managed to come up gifts that don't quiet hit the mark.


Electronics and tools

It is not OK to get a woman hardware no matter what the occasion. Men argue that some women are actually into these things but even the most rugged woman likes to feel pampered. Remember that the whole point of Mother's Day is to make her feel good about herself. A shiny new tool for the garage will not accomplish that.

Kitchen stuff

This rule goes for anytime you need to get a woman a gift, never give her anything that says her place is in the kitchen. Not even something as trivial as a set of table napkins will work. This day doesn't require a romantic gift but that doesn't mean that you can give your wife something that's downright thoughtless. The only acceptable kitchen related gift is food, and that is only if she doesn't have to cook it. Try Mothers day gift baskets or Mothers day fruit bouquets.

Something for the kids

A lot of men will give their wives something that's actually for the kids. This happens mostly when the kids are still infants and guys can't help buying a football uniform for the baby. Moms like to dress up their kids but that doesn't mean you make it their gift. Make sure that the gift is for her use and not someone else's.

A funny gift

Funny gifts are perhaps the trickiest of them all, you know your wife likes a good laugh. In fact when she's upset, it's your job to cheer her up but the question is, why doesn't she like the funny gifts you get her? This has more to do with what kind of gift she's expecting than with what she likes or doesn't like. If she's expecting something nice and sentimental, perhaps a little alone time then a plastic clown squirting water at her will not be well received. Try and find the right occasion/ holiday to give her a funny gift and get her something nice and proper for this particular and leave the gag gifts for later.