Christening Gifts That Make Wonderful Christening Keepsakes

By | Submitted On October 16, 2012

A christening is a special time in the life of a child and their parents. It is a time that the parents want to remember and choosing christening gifts that will make treasured keepsakes will help them to do just that. There are many different varieties of christening gifts to choose from that can be kept as treasured memorials to this day.


Christening gifts that hold pictures of the precious moment or child are very popular ways to memorialize the event. These christening gifts will allow the parents of the child, or the grandparents of the child to display a picture of their sweet angel. You can find these items in silver plated, gold plated, porcelain, pewter, and all other finishes you can imagine. They come in different shapes and sizes and can even be gotten with the name of the child engraved or hand painted on them so that they become very personal.

Christening gifts of treasure or keepsake boxes are very popular. Small keepsake boxes that can be kept in the child's room and displayed make great christening gifts. Inside the box you could even have the date and name of the child engraved so they never forget the exact day they were christened.

Personalised plates with the name of the child and the date of their christening make great christening gifts. If you do select one of these items as a gift remember to select the hanger to display the plate with also.

A very popular thing among items given as gifts is the gifting of a special cup to the baby. These cups will be engraved or hand painted to mark the day, but they can also be used as actual cups if the parents wish them to. These are various gifts that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Little utensil sets are often given as gifts. You will also find that money boxes and coin banks are very popular gifts. These money boxes encourage the child to learn the good habit of saving and they are items that can be personalised and kept for a lifetime.

Small hairbrush and comb sets that are elaborately adorned are often given as gifts. You will also see a number of people gifting the family with treasured albums they can place all of their photographs of the event in.

You can use your imagination and come up with unique gifts that can be used as keepsakes or you can look in stores and online shops to see things that are recommended by others. You cannot go wrong with a personalised item because the parent can always save this item and give it to the child when they become an adult so they can share it with their children.

The fact that you thought of the family and their special time they are sharing will touch their hearts and make them very happy. It will show that you are concerned for them and happy that their lives are going so well.

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