Birthdays are usually looked upon with excitement or with dread but receiving birthday gifts no matter how birthdays are looked upon is the fun part about any birthday. If they are great gifts, it makes birthdays a lot easier and a lot more fun. No one wants to give a gift that will be hidden away never to be touched again or even worse, "re-gifted". Here are some birthday gift ideas for women that women will love and enjoy!

Finding the best birthday gifts is not only the goal but being able to find thoughtful gifts is also important. A thoughtful gift may be something that is related to a hobby of hers or something that she loves to do. It could also be something that she has mentioned in the past as an item she covets. These gifts usually make the best birthday gift ideas for her.


If you are still clueless about the best birthday presents for her to get, here are some birthday gift ideas that most women will love and enjoy.

Five Top Gifts Ideas for Women Celebrating a Birthday

1. Various electronic gadgets make some of the top birthday gift ideas. Items such as the Amazon Kindle make some of the best birthday presents for women whether they are voracious readers or not. E-book readers such as the Kindle continue to gain immense popularity. Additional gadgets include the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones in white that are superior performance headphones.

2. Every woman appreciates a good quality handbag. Women can never get enough of handbags which makes these one of the best birthday gift ideas for her. Various handbags that will makes great birthday presents can be found at all price points whether they are designer or not. Some of the great quality handbags that may be considered designer but are not ridiculously priced include Linea Pelle and Rebecca Minkoff bags that are of great quality while looking fabulous.

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Cheaper and trendy brands include Big Buddha and Jessica Simpson brands that will be appreciated by most women and make some of the best gifts for women.

3. Jewelry also makes some of the best birthday gift ideas for women. These vary from the high end diamond jewelry to lower priced jewelry pieces to suit any budget. Some jewelry ideas include diamond studs that always compliment a casual or business outfit perfectly. Another must have is a diamond tennis bracelet that every woman needs to have in her jewelry box. Diamond watches will also be great for her.

Cheaper jewelry pieces that will be appreciated include pearl necklaces, personalized name pendants, angel wing pendants, etc. Inspirational jewelry such as the "Never, Never, Never Give Up" pendant will also be appreciated in addition to being cheaply priced.

4. Grooming kits are some of the best birthday gift ideas for women as they allow the recipient to improve on her appearance. These are vastly different from weight loss programs which should never be given as birthday presents or any other type of presents as they send the wrong message and may affect the recipient deeply and negatively.

Grooming kits that will be appreciated include the LORAC Box Office Sensation train case that includes about 49 products for the cheeks, eyes and lips. A lot of women will appreciate getting a professional makeup set that will be fun as well as enabling them to change or update their look.

5. Pampering sets also make some of the best birthday gift ideas for women such as a foot massager or a footbath that will allow women to pamper their feet especially after a long busy day. Gift certificates are also a great way for a woman to get pampered especially if they are to a day spa.

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